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Who Owns Digital Science (Makers of Overleaf)?

…and the answer is: Holtzbrinck. Holtzbrinck also holds a majority share in SpringerNature, as Roger Schonfeld detailed for The Scholarly Kitchen in October 2017 together with an analysis of a possible scholarly publishing “duoply”: Any kind of acquisition of Digital … Continue reading

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California Joins Germany, Finland, & Others in Championing Journal Subscription System Change

The University of California system has issued a strong statement championing further development of open access publishing infrastructures, in the spirit of Germany’s Projekt DEAL and Finland’s “No Deal No Review“: It has become increasingly clear that the problem of … Continue reading

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Evaluating RG Score in relation to the Leiden Manifesto

Orduna-Malea, E., Martín-Martín, A., Thelwall, M., &  López-Cózar, E.D. (2017) analyze ResearchGate (RG) Scores using a set of seventy-three Nobel Prize winners, also analyzing the RG Score in relation to the Leiden Manifesto for research metrics principles (Table 7). The … Continue reading

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Academic Social Media: ResearchGate Financials

In one of my writing workshops this semester, my students asked me to provide an overview of the academic social media landscape. One of the surprising things for students to consider in such discussions is the fact that social media … Continue reading

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