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Open Grants: Assisting Early Career Scientists

An increasing number of researchers are sharing their grant proposals openly. They do this to open up science so that all stages of the process can benefit from better interaction and communication and to provide examples for early career scientists … Continue reading

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Evaluating RG Score in relation to the Leiden Manifesto

Orduna-Malea, E., Martín-Martín, A., Thelwall, M., &  López-Cózar, E.D. (2017) analyze ResearchGate (RG) Scores using a set of seventy-three Nobel Prize winners, also analyzing the RG Score in relation to the Leiden Manifesto for research metrics principles (Table 7). The … Continue reading

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Academic Social Media: ResearchGate Financials

In one of my writing workshops this semester, my students asked me to provide an overview of the academic social media landscape. One of the surprising things for students to consider in such discussions is the fact that social media … Continue reading

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Springer Nature IPO Withdrawn

Why Was Springer Nature’s IPO Withdrawn?

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“Astroturfers” and Open Science 2020 Platforms

The European Commission (EC) has assigned Robert-Jan Smits as head of the “open science” envoy to the European Political Strategy Centre, according to the University World News. Smits’ strategic appointment, by EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, comes at a time of … Continue reading

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ERC Starting Grant Problematics

A thoughful commentary from Dr. Michael J. Bojdys regarding ERC starting grants and doctoral/postdoc education in the Czech context: Reformists in the Czech Republic are asking for help and legitimacy….One way would be by empowering Czech universities in a ‘Czech … Continue reading

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Digital Deceit

Well worth a read (applicable not just to journalism anymore!); excerpt: The central problem is that the entire industry is built to leverage sophisticated technology to aggregate user attention and sell advertising.

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STS-L Update on STEM Preprint Repositories

From Emily Gari, University of Colorado at Boulder. Additional Reading Gari, E. (2017). STEM Preprint Repositories: Where Are They Now? Inside Science Resources.

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Buying Up the “Research Showcase”? Schonfeld on Elsevier+bepress

Yesterday, Roger Schonfeld’s article in The Scholarly Kitchen about Elsevier’s acquisition of bepress quickly made the rounds, appearing almost immediately on STS-L with a listserv participants’ comment: “Breaking news … I’m not sure how I feel about this.” After reading … Continue reading

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