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Reinventing the Knowledge Workplace as Situations Change

Alison Mudditt, CEO of PLOS, summarizes her experiences in the workplace over the past year, and provides her thoughts about how knowledge workplaces will continue to evolve. Mudditt, A. (2021). Emerging from the Pandemic: The Future of Work is Now. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Wishing you the very best as 2020 begins.

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Alternative to Beall’s: Cabell’s Predatory Journal Blacklist

Rick Anderson has written a review of one alternative to Beall’s List: the subscription resource Cabell’s Predatory Journal Blacklist. Anderson’s conclusion: Overall, I find the Cabell’s Blacklist product to be a carefully crafted, honestly managed, and highly useful tool for … Continue reading

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UC Slides: Blueprint for Negotiations

Mackie-Mason, Waibel, and Willmont from the University of California system teamed up to present their Blueprint for Negotiations at CNI on April 8. Power up the slides at:

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Interview with Randy Schekman about Plan S

Nature interviews open-access pioneer, Nobel Prize winner, and cell biologist Randy Schekman (UC Berkeley) about Plan S: There will be a shakedown in the business. Some journals will lose out. Publishing is not a static business — the advent of the … Continue reading

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UC Talks Continue, with Faculty Contributions Front and Center

In a letter on Tuesday, [UCLA] campus officials asked faculty members to consider declining to review articles for Elsevier journals until negotiations ‘are clearly moving in a productive direction.’ The letter also asked professors to consider publishing research elsewhere, including … Continue reading

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…from a report on the ITHAKA Next Wave 2018 conference: Gen Z students don’t want the same things from college their Millennial predecessors did. Elite colleges will be just fine, but mid-tier campuses without defined niches will face extinction. And … Continue reading

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University of California Takes Strong Stand on Elsevier Negotiations

The University of California (UC) system is taking a strong stand in their negotiations with Elsevier, as communicated by an open letter published on November 28: The UC’s efforts to shift its relationship with Elsevier will have implications beyond our … Continue reading

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European Open Science Cloud (EOSC): Federated Model; Latest Documents

All signs point towards the development of the EOSC in a federated manner, with an emphasis on FAIR data standards: Latest EOSC developments Two key documents published on 20 November 2018 provide additional detail: Prompting an EOSC in practice (PDF, … Continue reading

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The Movie You’ve Been Waiting For…

Coming September 2018 to NYC – October 9 to Rotterdam (Erasmus University, Netherlands) – is Paywall: The Business of Scholarship. Featuring interviews by academics and publishers alike. Trailer List of interviews filmed to date (nice to see Kamran Naim, my … Continue reading

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