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Tighter Rules for Nature: Non-Financial Conflicts Declaration

Nature and all Nature Research journals now require authors to declare any non-financial conflicts of interest: Competing interests (both financial and non-financial) are defined as a secondary interest that could directly undermine, or be perceived to undermine, the objectivity, integrity … Continue reading

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“Predation” Update: Beall’s Archive Up and Running

An anonymous scholar is now maintaining an archive of Beall’s List: Additional Reading Derek Lowe provides an update, generally, on “predation”:

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Dr. Thorsten Beck on Image Manipulation Research at Humboldt

New video featuring Dr. Thorsten Beck and image manipulation research at the HEADT Centre — Humboldt-Elsevier Advanced Data and Text Centre. I will use this video in my next doctoral student ethics course.  

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In Memorium, Ben Barres (1955-2017)

An elegant tribute to close mentorship and gender equality advocate Ben Barres, neurobiologist. Excerpt: Barres devoted much of his last decade to publicly describing the challenges he had faced as a woman in science, and offering ways to correct a … Continue reading

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Digital Deceit

Well worth a read (applicable not just to journalism anymore!); excerpt: The central problem is that the entire industry is built to leverage sophisticated technology to aggregate user attention and sell advertising.

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Under Discussion: Flagging Books, Articles with Integrity Issues as a Lesson in Complexity

This week, collib-l featured several posts about how to deal with books from reputable publishers when they have been found to contain plagiarized content. Two schools of thoughts emerged: One encouraging pulling items off the shelves The other advocating keeping … Continue reading

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