Bumpy Reopenings

As the first universities open for “post-corona” business in the U.S., the first campus reopenings have been less than smooth rides. This week, Ohio State University took action against more than 200 students for violating gathering rules, and they are not alone:

In New York, Syracuse University announced last week it had issued 23 interim suspensions to students who violated its COVID-19 safety requirements. The president of St. Olaf College in Minnesota said 17 students who participated in an off-campus party are suspended for the fall semester. Purdue University in Indiana also suspended 36 students for partying.

And officials at other schools, including the University of Miami and the University of Connecticut, say they have revoked housing for students who have violated public health guidance.

How to balance the urge for young people to gather and feel “free” with virus-related restrictions? This question appears not yet to have an answer, not just in higher education environments.

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