NCIP enables participation in the HERMES project (“Strengthening Digital Resource Sharing during COVID and Beyond”)

Open, captioned video footage of the NTK NCIP-funded presentation by Dr. Stephanie Krueger in English on academic resource use cases at the PhD+ level is now available on YouTube as part of the HERMES project open learning channel. The thirty-seven-minute lecture and Q&A session covers use cases for doctoral students, early career researchers, and established researchers and explains gated and open resources useful for common tasks performed at each level. Live sessions, part of a pilot for the HERMES project, included audience members from the IFLA DDRS committee, bachelor and master students from Hacettepe University (Turkey), and members of the NTK Services team. Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and Turkish subtitles will be added over time, making the content even more accessible for learners.

Stephanie Krueger lecturing for HERMES on YouTube

Full video of presentation available at:

Krueger, S. (2022). Resource discovery: Use cases in the academic field.

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