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…from a report on the ITHAKA Next Wave 2018 conference: Gen Z students don’t want the same things from college their Millennial predecessors did. Elite colleges will be just fine, but mid-tier campuses without defined niches will face extinction. And … Continue reading

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University of California Takes Strong Stand on Elsevier Negotiations

The University of California (UC) system is taking a strong stand in their negotiations with Elsevier, as communicated by an open letter published on November 28: The UC’s efforts to shift its relationship with Elsevier will have implications beyond our … Continue reading

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European Open Science Cloud (EOSC): Federated Model; Latest Documents

All signs point towards the development of the EOSC in a federated manner, with an emphasis on FAIR data standards: Latest EOSC developments Two key documents published on 20 November 2018 provide additional detail: Prompting an EOSC in practice (PDF, … Continue reading

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On the Regulation of Science, with the US EPA as an Example

The most recent issue of Science features an analysis of the intersection of governmental legislation and scientific inquiry, providing also a brief synopsis of accountability in “science bureaucracies” in the US. Highlighting recent legislation related the US Environmental Protection Agency … Continue reading

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Offical Pages for Plan S

Just for the record, here are the official Science Europe pages for Plan S.

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IFLA Kuala Lumpur: Introducing 16th IFLA ILDS Conference, Prague, 9-11 October 2019

The NTK team was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to introduce the IFLA resource sharing community to Prague, site of the 16th IFLA ILDS Conference, 9-11 October, 2019. Details about the conference will be announced shortly and will be made available … Continue reading

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ResearchGate Sued in the United States

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Historians of Economic Thought Illustrate Problems of Journal Rankings for Small Fields

Alberto Baccini, Professor of Economics at the University of Siena, points out difficulties posed for smaller academic disciplines, using the example of three history of economic thought journals now excluded from Journal Citations Report (JCR): There are dozens of open … Continue reading

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Worries about “Lock Ins” and “Lock Outs”: Recent Mergers Highlight Library and Smaller Publisher Concerns

My colleague Alena, as promised, attended the recent Anywhere Access (AA) webinar. AA aims to become “as fast as Sci-Hub” and to streamline the search-to-PDF workflow for researchers. Marketing heavily to researchers directly, AA aims to lock libraries in to … Continue reading

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Open Grants: Assisting Early Career Scientists

An increasing number of researchers are sharing their grant proposals openly. They do this to open up science so that all stages of the process can benefit from better interaction and communication and to provide examples for early career scientists … Continue reading

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